Collegiate Climbing Comp Series underway

The First Annual TRUBLUE Collegiate Climbing Comp Series  is underway!  With three comps completed and five more to go, universities across the nation are getting the chance to see what it’s like to climb on a TRUBLUE auto belay system. So far the results have been outstanding! Brooke, one of the top competitors from Colorado Mountain College said, “It’s nice that I don’t have to wait on somebody else’s schedule if I want to come practice. I really like that. It’s just really convenient.” The three schools that have already competed are the University of South Dakota, Colorado Mountain College in Leadville, and University of West Florida in Pensacola. The Head Rush Tech team had a chance to travel to Leadville last week to support the school in their home state.

TRUBLUE auto belay device university climbing wall

Colorado Mountain College student climber

We will continue to update the Collegiate Climbing Hall of Fame with the top male and top female climbers from each school.  The next school to compete is the University of Minnesota Twin Cities.

Please click here to see the full list of participating schools. We’re encouraging students to take photos and videos throughout their journey and share them with us using the hashtag #eduTRUBLUE. Thanks to all of our generous sponsors: Eldorado Climbing Walls, Access Fund, evolv, Spark Shop, Sender Films, and Trango!

Connect with us on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram to see the updates and photos from the universities as they complete their comps! | Twitter @HeadRushTech  Instagram @HeadRushTech

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Head Rush Tech Launches New Zip Line Brake

zipSTOP IR Internal Reduction Zip Line BrakeHead Rush Technologies announces the launch of the zipSTOP IR Zip Line Brake.  The zipSTOP IR is a more streamlined version of the company’s popular zip line brake, the zipSTOP. The “IR” stands for internal reduction, meaning that the device does not require an external reduction line system. This device can accommodate speeds up to 37 mph (60 kph) without the need for a reduction line system, making installation easier.  The price of the zipSTOP IR is $4,900 and orders can be placed at  The company will begin shipping the devices in May 2014.

“We are excited to provide this new option for zip line builders and operators,” said Candie Fisher, CEO of Head Rush Technologies.  “Our zipSTOP Zip Line Brake has been very well received as the leading commercial zip line brake in the industry.  We are happy to provide a more streamlined option to simplify installation and operation.”

Like the zipSTOP, the zipSTOP IR uses eddy current magnetic braking to offer zip line operators consistent and smooth braking with automatic reset.  The zipSTOP greatly reduces the risk of human error for zip line operators and provides an improved customer experience.

Collegiate Climbing Comp Series Kicks Off in South Dakota

trublue-collegiateclimbingcomp2TRUBLUE Auto Belays, manufactured by Head Rush Technologies, is excited to announce the start of the First Annual TRUBLUE Collegiate Climbing Comp Series. The first event takes place tomorrow as the University of South Dakota, where students will compete on TRUBLUE Auto Belays to win the coveted rank of Top Male and Top Female Climber. The winners will walk away with a GoLite Day Pack full of prizes donated by Head Rush Technologies, maker of the TRUBLUE, and other sponsors.

The idea for the comp series came after a decision from Head Rush Technologies, maker of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, to become more actively involved in the community this new year. Starting with hosting a workshop at the Association for Challenge Course Technology, the TRUBLUE Climbing Comp Series is one of several events planned for 2014 that will get the company actively out in the community educating others about their equipment and meeting their end-users face-to-face. The comp series is a great way to get climbing communities together from all over the country to celebrate the love of their sport and partake in friendly competition for a day.

The series will consist of eight schools from all over the country, and is sponsored by major industry players Evolv, Sender One, SparkShop, Trango, Eldorado Climbing Walls, and the Access Fund. Each sponsor has donated items for the winners’ prize packs and items to raffle and giveaway during the events.

Says Tim Downey, the Student Coordinator of Fitness and Recreation for BelmontUniversity, “We are thrilled to participate in the first CU Rec Center Low Res 017TRUBLUE annual collegiate comp. The amount of work that has been put into planning this will ensure an incredible event and will engage the Belmont climbing community at a whole new level.”

The comps will require that climbers compete using the TRUBLUE Auto Belay instead of a human belayer, and each location will receive several free 90 day TRUBLUE demos for their students to use the entire semester and during the comp.

“The TRUBLUE is a great tool for competitions,” says Dan Brennan, Director of Sales and Distribution for Head Rush Technologies. “The TRUBLUE is the ultimate test for climbers. There’s no take – there’s no assistance from a belayer. Your success truly depends 100% on you, your strength, and your skills. It really sets apart the elite climbers in a competition.”

The schedule of comp dates is as follows:


School Location Date of Comp
University of South Dakota Vermillion, SD


ColoradoMountainCollege Leadville, CO


University of WestFlorida Pensacola, FL


University of Minnesota Twin Cities Minneapolis, MN


BelmontCollege Nashville, TN


The University of Texas at Dallas Richardson, TX


LouisianaTechUniversity Ruston, LA


MansfieldUniversity Mansfield, PA



To follow the TRUBLUE Collegiate Comp Series, find Head Rush Technologies on Facebook and Twitter, or visit the TRUBLUE Auto Belay website at

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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TRUBLUE Auto Belays Supports Access Fund

Access-Fund-LogoTRUBLUE Auto Belays is proud to announce their support of the Access Fund, an organization that keeps U.S. climbing areas open and conserves the climbing environment. TRUBLUE Auto Belays, along with its sister company Eldorado Climbing Walls, is a Major Sponsor of the access fund and supports its mission and vision for the climbing community.

The Access Fund represents over 2.3 million climbers nationwide in rock climbing, ice climbing, mountaineering, and bouldering. They consist of six core programs which support their mission and vision on both national and local levels:

  • Climbing management and policy
  • Local support and mobilization
  • Stewardship and conservation
  • Land acquisition and protection
  • Risk management and landowners support
  • Education

To read more about the community that protects America’s climbing and to learn about the benefits of membership, visit the Access Fund website.

Host Schools Chosen for TRUBLUE Collegiate Climbing Comp

trublue-collegiateclimbingcomp2TRUBLUE Auto Belays, manufactured by Head Rush Technologies, has announced the nine host locations for the First Annual TRUBLUE Collegiate Climbing Comp. The Series will take place between mid-February and the end of March, and the participating schools will be:

  1. Louisiana Tech University – Ruston, LA
  2. Mansfield University – Mansfield, PA
  3. University of Minnesota Twin Cities – Minneapolis, MN
  4. Colorado Mountain College – Leadville, CO
  5. University of South Dakota – Vermillion, SD
  6. The University of Texas at Dallas – Richardson, TX
  7. Belmont College – Nashville, TN
  8. University of West Florida – Pensacola, FL
  9. Trinity College – Hartford, CT

With such an enthusiastic turnout, TRUBLUE plans on making the Collegiate Comp Series an annual event, and expects the series to grow every year.

Each location will be receiving a 90 day extended TRUBLUE demo as well as prize packs for the top male and top female competitors. Prize packs have been provided by Head Rush Technologies, with supplemental prizes donated by various sponsors.

To inquire about sponsorship opportunities, please email Megan Barros at [email protected], and follow us on our blog, Facebook, and Twitter to stay up to date on the results of the TRUBLUE Collegiate Comp Series.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

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Reach Your Resolutions with Reach Your Peak

1098533_10151499390461512_1398135037_nRecently Eldorado Climbing Walls wrote an article titled The Top Three New Years Resolutions that will Increase Revenue for your Indoor Climbing Wall Business and one of their suggestions was to increase the quantity and quality of your programming offerings. Confused about where to start? Look no further than the TRUBLUE Reach Your Peak Training Program.

The Reach Your Peak Program is an eight-week training program that utilizes the TRUBLUE Auto Belay as an essential tool for climbers to improve their skills and reach their personal fitness goals. The program can be adapted for use with climbers of any ability, and is available for free download at

The Reach Your Peak website details all the great benefits to participants, but what’s really important to your gym is that it provides a great programming option that will increase membership sales and participation at your facility.

Because the training is done entirely on TRUBLUE Auto Belays, it allows your class size to be as large as the number of TRUBLUEs you own. The case study group that is followed on the Reach Your Peak website consisted of 8 climbers, ranging from never-evers to well-seasoned athletes. Even with such a large number of people and such a variety of skill levels, the group only needed one instructor to guide them. The TRUBLUE Auto Belays allowed all 8 climbers to be on the wall at the same time, and freed up the instructor to move throughout the group doling out individual training tips.

At the end of this program, the climbers who were well seasoned experts found themselves at the gym more often during the week, and those who were beginners were committing to memberships. At the cost of only one instructor’s time, 8 climbers improved their technique and became loyal members in just eight weeks.

To learn more about the program and how to implement it into your gym’s offerings, visit

On the Road to Sochi with Gord McArthur and his TRUBLUE

156923_4875306638648_1375624326_nGordon McArthur is a professional ice climber headed to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi for the showcasing of competitive ice climbing. Gordon as an individual is highly motivated, extremely talented, and one heck of a nice guy. His accomplishments are numerous, and his name is well known in the ice climbing community from competing in international competitions, including the World Cup competition tour.

Gordon McArthur is also a fan of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, and has been training on it for the last year to prepare for Sochi. Also, did we mention he’s a heck of a nice guy? Despite gearing up for the Olympics – only two weeks away – Gordon gave us a few minutes of his valuable time to pick his brain about the future of ice climbing, his goals for Sochi, and his training routine.

Gordon – Thank you so much for agreeing to give us an interview! If I may start, what has the effort been to get ice climbing into the Olympics, and what role have you played in this effort?

It’s been a huge and ongoing effort for the past 4 years, namely from the UIAA organization. Without the push they’ve put forth, this definitely wouldn’t be happening. I think personally, I’ve just tried to be supportive to the UIAA in any way that I can, promoting the idea of this opportunity and raising awareness of the sport itself.

What does it mean that competitive ice climbing is a “showcase” event at the Olympics?

Basically, it was the only way to get the sport in front of the public. We’re “showcasing” the event, not competing, no medals.

What are you hoping to achieve at Sochi, both personally and for the sport of ice climbing?

My personal goal, along with everyone else, is to raise awareness of how awesome this competition sport is. We want to give the best impression so that it will be considered for future games as a medal sport

How have you been training to prepare for this and the ice climbing world tour, and what tools have you been using to help you train/prepare?

My training regime has been based around the world cup competition circuit. I’ve been training for 6 months, generally 5 days a week. It’s been an intense program. One of the biggest advantages to my training this year was the “arch” that I built in my back yard. However, because of the height….you need a belayer…which isn’t always easy to come by. So, I added a “secret weapon”, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay. This device was the game changer. I could go out, climb as much as I wanted, and didn’t have to worry about wrangling a belayer. Seriously…game changing.

When did you first hear about the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, and when did you first start using one?

I first heard about/saw the TRUBLUE Auto Belay about 4 years ago, at its launch party at the Boulder Rock Club in Boulder, CO. I was like, “wow, I gotta get one…it would be so perfect for training.”

How has it been using the TRUBLUE? What benefits have you seen since installing one at your home training structure?

The TRUBLUE has been amazing. Having the freedom to just go climb has changed everything. It’s given me the opportunity to just “go” without thinking. That sort of freedom allows training to go to the next level.

How do you think the TRUBLUE is beneficial to ice climbers competing at your level? Do you think they’d be great as a tool for beginners to learn to ice climb?

I think the TRUBLUE is beneficial to anyone…there’s no level limit. As long as it’s set up properly and safely, I think it can be applied to any style of climbing training. Especially ice climbing!

What advice do you give to aspiring climbers?

Drive fast and take chances. Lol, just kidding. I think if I were to offer any advice…it would be to not stop. Keep going. Keep trying, as you never know what you can actually accomplish until you actually “give’r”


You can follow Gordon on the road to Sochi on his blog, Machovok Adventure, and on his Twitter and Facebook fan pages, and like Gordon, you too can use the TRUBLUE Auto Belay to train and improve your fitness and climbing skills. The Reach Your Peak Program is a training tool appropriate for people of any age or climbing skill level, and you can download it for free at

Longer Length quickJump Free Fall Device Now Available!

CX1A5773Head Rush Technologies announces the introduction of the quickJump XL Free Fall Device, which accommodates platforms up to 65 feet (20 meters).  Like the standard quickJump Free Fall Device, the quickJump XL incorporates the company’s patented eddy current magnetic braking technology to provide riders with an exciting and unique experience, combining the thrill of a free fall while smoothly controlling their descent.

The quickJump XL Free Fall Device provides an exciting amusement ride element with high throughput and low operational costs to operators of amusement parks, family entertainment centers, adventure parks, shopping centers, resorts, ropes courses and more.  At a $3,295 introductory price for the 65 ft model, the quickJump XL is a fraction of the purchase cost of competing products and also requires less maintenance and operational costs than existing systems.  The quickJump XL is modular and compact, making it easy to install and allowing the operator to reconfigure to keep the attraction fresh.

QJ With Rip Cord

The company has also released the RipCord, a new accessory for the quickJump and quickJump QJ With Rip CordXL.  The RipCord extends the free fall feeling of these devices, amplifying the rider’s excitement and thrill.  The RipCord is integrated into the device webbing and is available in a 5 ft (1.5 m) length for the 41 ft quickJump and both 5 ft (1.5 m) and 10 ft (3 m) lengths for the quickJump XL.

The quickJump XL and RipCord are available for sale through Head Rush Technologies online store (, by calling 877-565-6885 (720-565-6885) or through any Head Rush Technologies distributor.

Head Rush Technologies Offers Benefits to New Climbing Wall Association Members

TRUBLUE Belay GateHead Rush Technologies has partnered with the Climbing Wall Association to offer a free TRUBLUE Auto Belay Gate to all members who purchase a new TRUBLUE Auto Belay. The Auto Belay Gate is a simple way to reinforce the proper use of auto belay devices, and comes in at a $40 value.

The Belay Gate device is simple to use. While clipped into the auto belay, the triangular gate blocks the initial foot holds and hand holds of a climbing lane. Once a climber transfers the auto belay carabiner from the gate to his or her harness, the Belay Gate lies flat on the floor, allowing the climber to use the previously covered climbing holds and alerting others that there is a climber above.

Easy to install and effective in enforcing proper auto belay use, this deal is being offered for a limited time to new TRUBLUE Auto Belay purchases made at full retail price by CWA members. To receive a free Belay Gate with the purchase of an auto belay, visit the Head Rush Technologies online store and enter promotion code CWA2014 at checkout. You can also call us at 720-565-6885 and mention the promotion code to place your order.

To contact our sales team, email [email protected] or call 720-565-6885. You can also find us on FacebookTwitter, and YouTube.

Auto Belay Gate from Head Rush Technologies Receives a Warm Welcome from Climbing Community

TRUBLUE Belay GateThe newest technology in the climbing industry is a device called the Belay Gate, designed to reinforce the proper use of auto belay devices at indoor climbing walls.

For years, climbing wall facilities have been making their own auto belay gates, but this often took great effort and much expense. Recognizing the need for a widely manufactured Belay Gate, Head Rush Technologies, manufacturers of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, created a version that sells for a mere $40 at their online store.

The Belay Gate is the newest to Head Rush Technologies’ offerings of belay device equipment, and pairs well with the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, which uses magnetic eddy current braking technology to regulate the descent of a climber and provide the safest and most comfortable experience possible.

The Head Rush Technologies Belay Gate not only encourages clipping in when a climber begins their ascent, but when laid flat on the ground after being unclipped, it also warns others that there is a climber above.

A recent article from the Climbing Gym Business Journal shows that the belay gate devices are being warmly welcomed by the climbing community, and we look forward to seeing an increased amount of auto belay gates in use at indoor climbing gyms.