On the Road to Sochi with Gord McArthur and his TRUBLUE

156923_4875306638648_1375624326_nGordon McArthur is a professional ice climber headed to the 2014 Olympics in Sochi for the showcasing of competitive ice climbing. Gordon as an individual is highly motivated, extremely talented, and one heck of a nice guy. His accomplishments are numerous, and his name is well known in the ice climbing community from competing in international competitions, including the World Cup competition tour.

Gordon McArthur is also a fan of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, and has been training on it for the last year to prepare for Sochi. Also, did we mention he’s a heck of a nice guy? Despite gearing up for the Olympics – only two weeks away – Gordon gave us a few minutes of his valuable time to pick his brain about the future of ice climbing, his goals for Sochi, and his training routine.

Gordon – Thank you so much for agreeing to give us an interview! If I may start, what has the effort been to get ice climbing into the Olympics, and what role have you played in this effort?

It’s been a huge and ongoing effort for the past 4 years, namely from the UIAA organization. Without the push they’ve put forth, this definitely wouldn’t be happening. I think personally, I’ve just tried to be supportive to the UIAA in any way that I can, promoting the idea of this opportunity and raising awareness of the sport itself.

What does it mean that competitive ice climbing is a “showcase” event at the Olympics?

Basically, it was the only way to get the sport in front of the public. We’re “showcasing” the event, not competing, no medals.

What are you hoping to achieve at Sochi, both personally and for the sport of ice climbing?

My personal goal, along with everyone else, is to raise awareness of how awesome this competition sport is. We want to give the best impression so that it will be considered for future games as a medal sport

How have you been training to prepare for this and the ice climbing world tour, and what tools have you been using to help you train/prepare?

My training regime has been based around the world cup competition circuit. I’ve been training for 6 months, generally 5 days a week. It’s been an intense program. One of the biggest advantages to my training this year was the “arch” that I built in my back yard. However, because of the height….you need a belayer…which isn’t always easy to come by. So, I added a “secret weapon”, the TRUBLUE Auto Belay. This device was the game changer. I could go out, climb as much as I wanted, and didn’t have to worry about wrangling a belayer. Seriously…game changing.

When did you first hear about the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, and when did you first start using one?

I first heard about/saw the TRUBLUE Auto Belay about 4 years ago, at its launch party at the Boulder Rock Club in Boulder, CO. I was like, “wow, I gotta get one…it would be so perfect for training.”

How has it been using the TRUBLUE? What benefits have you seen since installing one at your home training structure?

The TRUBLUE has been amazing. Having the freedom to just go climb has changed everything. It’s given me the opportunity to just “go” without thinking. That sort of freedom allows training to go to the next level.

How do you think the TRUBLUE is beneficial to ice climbers competing at your level? Do you think they’d be great as a tool for beginners to learn to ice climb?

I think the TRUBLUE is beneficial to anyone…there’s no level limit. As long as it’s set up properly and safely, I think it can be applied to any style of climbing training. Especially ice climbing!

What advice do you give to aspiring climbers?

Drive fast and take chances. Lol, just kidding. I think if I were to offer any advice…it would be to not stop. Keep going. Keep trying, as you never know what you can actually accomplish until you actually “give’r”


You can follow Gordon on the road to Sochi on his blog, Machovok Adventure, and on his Twitter and Facebook fan pages, and like Gordon, you too can use the TRUBLUE Auto Belay to train and improve your fitness and climbing skills. The Reach Your Peak Program is a training tool appropriate for people of any age or climbing skill level, and you can download it for free at reachyourpeak.autobelay.com/download.

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65 Foot TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay Now Available for Sale

TBXL-device-new-label---webHead Rush Technologies today announces the launch of the TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay.  Using the same magnetic eddy current braking technology as the market-leading TRUBLUE Auto Belay, the TRUBLUE XL accommodates climbing walls as high as 65 feet (19.8 meters).

“I love the TRUBLUE XL Auto Belays. I find them amazing for training on tall walls and for warming up,” said Evan Race of Brooklyn Boulders Sommerville.  “It was great to have some first time climbers get to the top of our tallest walls due to these.  It’s a fantastic feeling for them and us to share… that was really awesome.”

TRUBLUE Auto Belays, including the TRUBLUE XL, are the only auto belay devices designed specifically for climbing.  The TRUBLUE uses a self-regulating magnetic braking system and is engineered to meet the strictest safety standards of all auto belays.

Modular and compact, TRUBLUE auto belays are easy to install, move and maintain.  TRUBLUE accommodates the widest range of climber weights, making it ideal for climbing walls used by both children and adults.

“Due to the popularity of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, we frequently have received requests for an auto belay product from climbing wall operators with climbing walls of 42 – 65 feet in height,” said Candie Fisher, CEO of Head Rush Technologies.  “We are excited to bring this much-needed TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay product to our customers.”

The TRUBLUE XL Auto Belay is available for sale for $2,495 at https://store.headrushtech.com, by calling 877-565-6885 (720-565-6885) or through our Head Rush Technologies Distributors.

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New Climbing Film Features TRUBLUE Auto Belay

10325152054_fa9730bff7_cTRUBLUE Auto Belays is a proud sponsor of Chuck Fryberger Film’s upcoming climbing flick – Exposure, Vol. 1.

Exposure follows professional climbers Dave Graham, Nalle Hukkataival, Matt Wilder, Cheyne Lempe, Mason Earle, Angie Payne, and Cody Roth as they take on some of the world’s most difficult climbing, from boulders to mountains to traditional routes. Their conquests will redefine their place in the world of rock climbing, and will take them from the peaks of Patagonia to the harsh desert of Utah.

Matt Wilder, a Mountain Hardwear Athlete, is seen in the film using a TRUBLUE Auto Belay to train by climbing laps on it at the Boulder Rock Club.

The film will premier worldwide online on November 22, 2013 at 5:00 CET, and in Boulder, CO at the same date and time. To buy tickets to the online premier or the cinematic showing, visit EpicTV.com.

Watch the trailer now:

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TRUBLUE is Hosting a Collegiate Comp Series in Spring 2014!

Sign up now to host an event at your school!

Apply for the TRUBLUE Collegiate Comp SeriesTRUBLUE is excited to announce that we will be hosting a collegiate comp series in the Spring of 2014, the inaugural series to what is planned to be an annual event.

TRUBLUE 2014 Climbing Comp

TRUBLUE will be selecting universities across the country to participate in this Spring Semester Series. Chosen host schools will receive several TRUBLUE Auto Belays for a free 90 day demo period to use during their competition and for weeks after the hype, as well goodies to give away.

TRUBLUE will also provide prizes for the winning climbers at each school.The top male and female climbers will each take home a prize pack with a Visa gift card and a big bag of swag! Additionally, they will be featured in our Collegiate Climbers Hall of Fame on our website.

Never hosted a climbing wall competition before but interested in learning how? Contact us for information on how to get started, and be sure to check out our resources for colleges and universities.

Thank you to our generous sponsors:

TrangoOvalNew [Converted] Sender Logo-01
Eldorado Climbing Walls sparkshop
Evolv Logo Access Fund
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TRUBLUE Sponsors Climbing Wall Association’s ClimbSmart® Public Awareness Campaign


Earlier this week, the Climbing Wall Association announced the release of their ClimbSmart® Resources, an expansion on their existing ClimbSmart® Public Awareness Campaign. The addition of new resources to the existing ClimbSmart® program is a response to the growth of the climbing industry, the introduction of new technologies, and the different types of climbing wall designs that are now offered in climbing gyms.

Head Rush Technologies, maker of the TRUBLUE Auto Belay, is proud to be a sponsor of the ClimbSmart® campaign. The TRUBLUE Auto Belay, the market leader among auto belays, appears as the key image on the Auto Belay Awareness poster.

As a leader in the industry, Eldorado Climbing Walls, sister company to Head Rush Technologies, is also a key sponsor of the ClimbSmart® program, and two of their climbing wall designs can be seen on ClimbSmart® posters. The Belay Technique poster features the School of Mines climbing wall, and the Auto Belay Safety poster features the Santa Barbara Rock Club.

Originally just a single resource, the new ClimbSmart® program now includes posters and awareness videos. The posters address auto belay awareness, boulder safety, belay technique, and a general warning poster about the risks associated with climbing.

The end goal of this program is to provide education and bring attention to the risk involved in climbing sports, proper equipment use, and personal responsibility. The four points that the CWA wishes to drive home, what they are calling their “Four Point Universal Warning”, include:

  1. Climbing is Inherently Dangerous
  2. Qualified Instruction is required
  3. Use Equipment According to the Manufacturer’s Instructions
  4. Your Safety is Your Responsibility

The CWA plans to continue growing this program by providing more resources for gyms, such as stickers, brochures, and other collateral, as well as by keeping their website up to date with new and relevant information. They also will be hosting ClimbSmart® events and forums, such as product demonstrations, gear clinics, slideshows, and educational seminars.

To learn more about the posters for your climbing gym, visit the Climbing Wall Association website.

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World’s Largest Rock Climbing Structure Includes Seventy TRUBLUE Auto Belays

Eldorado Climbing Walls, the expert in climbing wall construction, announces the completion of the world’s largest man-made rock climbing structure. Part of the Boy Scouts of America’s extreme sports village at the Bechtel Summit Reserve in West Virginia, this climbing facility will be unveiled at the 2013 National Jamboree.

A total of 60,000 square feet of rock climbing terrain, the climbing facility is divided into two areas: The Rocks and Boulder Cove. All climbing terrain is constructed from Eldorado’s SHOTRock product and entirely hand-sculpted to mimic the local rock styles and climbing features of the New River Gorge.

“We are honored to have been selected by the Boy Scouts of America to complete a project of this massive scope and size,” said Jerad Wells, CEO of Eldorado Climbing Walls. He continues, “The climbing facility at The Rocks and Boulder Cove truly showcase the amazing climbing wall design and climbing wall construction capabilities of our team. We look forward to seeing this facility inspire a love of rock climbing in current and future generations of Scouts.”

“Eldorado Climbing Walls has been a fantastic partner,” said Tom Wagner, High Adventure Project Manager for Trinityworks. He continues, “From conception of the project, operational plans, construction with weather delays, to climbing hold solutions, each phase has presented unique challenges. At every turn Eldorado’s crew has come to the table with solutions that have kept the project on schedule. They are a committed group of professionals that I would highly recommend, and I hope we get to work together again!”

The Rocks climbing area is dedicated specifically to the Scouts during the Jamboree. The most unique element of this massive climbing area is the “Leap of Faith,” where participants leap into the air from a height of 32 feet and are safely lowered to the ground by the
TRUBLUE Auto Belay. Other features include:

  • Two rappelling towers with a total of 36 rappelling stations at a height of 32 feet (6 stations are dedicated “leap of faith” stations).
  • Three climbing fins with 68 manual belay stations at heights from 21-30 feet.
  • Two climbing fins with 33 TRUBLUE Auto Belay stations at heights from 25-35 feet.
  • One 25-foot high climbing fin with 8 climbing stations (6 manual, 2 auto-belay).
  • Six freestanding boulders with over 50 stations and an average height of ten feet.

Boulder Cove incorporates over 280 linear feet of rock climbing walls ranging for 19’ to 36’ in height. In this area, the Scouts and their families can enjoy the following features together:

  • 12 TRUBLUE Auto Belay backed up rappel stations.
  • 72’ linear foot rappel deck
  • 25 TRUBLUE Auto Belay backed up climbing stations.
  • Three distinct boulders averaging 13’ in height.

The Jamboree runs from July 15th to the 24th, 2013. Following the Jamboree, the Bechtel Summit Reserve and the climbing facility will be open to scouting trips and retreats. The Bechtel Summit will continue to host the US Jamboree every year, and plans are in the making to host the World Jamboree in 2019. For more information, click here.

bechtel panoramic

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Belay to Save the Day

The Boston Rock Gym and TRUBLUE Auto Belay Team Up to Support Wounded Warriors.

WHAT:             In support of the Wounded Warriors Project, the Boston Rock Gym, located in Woburn, MA, invites climbing enthusiasts and novices alike for five climbs with TRUBLUE’s auto belays for just $5. From 6:00PM to 10:00PM on Friday, November 30th, 2012, climbers will enjoy the use of TRUBLUE’s state-of-the-art equipment and 100% of the proceeds will benefit the Wounded Warriors, a not-for-profit that aids and supports wounded service members.  As an added bonus, TRUBLUE will match the night’s donation total up to $500.

The Boston Rock Gym is the second oldest gym in the United States and is an avid supporter of the military community, offering all Veteran’s 10% day passes, all year long.

Climbers will not want to miss this chance to use the latest in rock-climbing technology and support service members in honor of their service and dedications at the same time.

WHERE:           The Boston Rock Gym

WHEN:             Friday, November 30th, 2012 from 6:00PM to 10:00PM.

COST:              $5 donation to Wounded Warrior Project. **Please note: climbing gear is not included, and this does not include a day pass.

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Spread the word! Order your free posters to promote your TRUBLUE Auto Belays

Now that your have your TRUBLUE Auto Belays, make sure your climbers know about them!  

We’ll send you free posters to promote the TRUBLUE Auto Belays in your facility.  View the poster online.

Click here to order

You can also download the following materials to help you get the best return on your investment:

  • Getting Started Checklist – Use this “cheat sheet” to make sure you and your staff and knowledgable about the operation and maintenance of the TRUBLUE Auto Belays.  We’ve also included 3 tips for getting the most from your TRUBLUEs.
  • Climber Orientation Cards – Ensure that your climbers are educated on the correct operation of the TRUBLUE Auto Belays.  We recommend that you laminate these cards and hang one at the bottom of each auto belay route.  The cards as also a good teaching tool for your climber orientation.
  • Climber Orientation Video


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How Do You TRUBLUE? See how others get the most from their TRUBLUEs.

61% of climbing gyms say that membership/participation has increased since they purchased their TRUBLUE Auto Belays*

See how Santa Barbara Rock Gym successfully incorporates auto belays into their facility:

50% of colleges and universities with TRUBLUE Auto Belays have seen an increase in membership/participation since adding the auto belays (2012 TRUBLUE Owner Survey).

In this video, the students and staff at University of Nebraska – Lincoln share how the auto belays have enhanced the social and educational aspects of their climbing wall and outdoor recreation program.

* 2012 TRUBLUE Owner Survey feedback

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